Who we are

Cauchos Karey was founded in 1986 as an initiative of its mother company, Grupo Karey. Made up of the companies Karey & Solano Footwear, Plásticos Karey and Cauchos Ebro, the new company decided to set up business in the province of Alicante.

Since the very beginning, our company has been devoted to manufacturing and distributing expanded EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and vulcanised RUBBER sheeting. Although the original idea was to supply the footwear sector, nowadays, the company has found its place in a multitude of new markets where its materials allow for experimentation and innovation in original and even unprecedented products.

The company facilities cover an area of 15,000 m2, dedicated to the manufacturing of current products and the Research, Development and Innovation of new ones, meaning that the company is able to offer a series of materials and products with an endless range of applications in different industries, as well as a great capacity to meet the most challenging demands from our customers. This high level of production and extensive distribution network guarantee the customer a speedy, reliable service both in Spain and abroad.

Many years of experience in the market and a high production capacity have contributed to the company's leading position in the country and have helped create its strong international image, backed up by the quality of its products and personalised customer service.

Currently, Cauchos Karey is dedicating a large part of their efforts towards reaching out to new industries and developing new applications derived from their products. The immediate consequence of these efforts is the manufacturing and distribution of Cauchos Karey's materials in markets which have up until now been unexplored by the primary sector. New requirements in the sectors of industrial design, sports, sailing, automobile, traffic management, orthopaedics, flooring, packaging, advertising, etc., combined with trends and new consumer preferences, mean that Cauchos Karey's materials can be seen in more and more places every day, many of them previously unimaginable.

Karey product
Made in Spain

Footwear Outsoles

EVA sheets with different textures and foam densities are an ideal raw material to produce soles and midsoles for footwear manufacturing.

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Footwear Insoles

The EVA material fits perfectly on the production of different footwear components such as insoles made on a wide range of hardness, thickness or colours.

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Our EVA materials and products for orthopaedics achieve the highest quality standards and stands out due to our technical development degree.

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The major brands on the sports industry have trusted our EVA materials to be an essential on their finished products.

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Industrial Design

Thanks to its versatility, ease of adaptation and its appealing touch the EVA material is becoming more and more popular between the coolest circles of industrial design.

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Promotional Design

Thanks to its attractive appearance and variety in colours and textures, the EVA has become one of the most used materials on product design, promotional items and toy development.

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Animal Flooring

EVA cow mats manufactured on different profiles and mixtures guarantee comfortable and durable animal flooring to be used in dairy cow stalls and horse stables.

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Flexible Flooring

Equilibrium is innovative sports flooring resulting from the union of technology and research, creating perfect harmony between sportspeople and their training surfaces.

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Traffic Management

EVA flexible traffic bollards offer a high level of resistance towards vehicle impact, becoming a perfect safety element on roads, motorways or on parking safety signs.

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R + D + I
How we do it

At Cauchos Karey we are great believers in Research, Development & Innovation, something which directly affects the company, its products and its customers. Thanks to our commitment, we have progressed whilst the market has evolved and have managed to stay a step ahead of the rest.

In this sense, the development of products for new applications has allowed us to open up markets that were previously unheard of for our materials; new uses in end products which once again demonstrate the quality and versatility of Cauchos Karey's materials.

Likewise, this also directly influences the quality and added value of the final product, covering customer needs and requirements more effectively.

The R&D&I department allows us to be able to guarantee accurate solutions for the most demanding orders, whilst meeting expectations and paying attention to every last detail.

We are well aware that commitment comes first, as our customers entrust the manufacturing of the most high tech products to us, receiving in return quality and a personalised service which is adapted to their particular needs.

Cauchos Karey were awarded the quality certificate UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 in 1998 and have maintained outstanding standards ever since.

What's happening

CAUCHOS KAREY, S.A. has carried out the project “Implementation of a MES/MOM system to improve the productivity and competitiveness of Cauchos Karey” Continue reading.

The European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) of the Valencian Community 2014-2020 co-finances the certification of a project in the field of R&D of CAUCHOS KAREY SA. Continue reading.


CAUCHOS KAREY, SA has carried out the project “IMPROVEMENTS IN THE PRODUCTIVE FACILITIES OF CAUCHOS KAREY” for which it has obtained a subsidy of € 109,444.96 corresponding to the call for the 2019 financial year, to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the industrial SMEs of the footwear, ceramic, metal-mechanical, textile, (…)”. Continue reading.


La Presidencia del IVACE ha resuelto en fecha 21 de diciembre de 2017, conceder una ayuda a CAUCHOS KAREY por importe de 3.621,69, dentro del programa AYUDAS A LOS PLANES DE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN – ACTUACION ITAPIN PLANES DE INTERNACIONALIZACION PYME CV, para el desarrollo y ejecución de nuestro proyecto PLAN DE INTERNACIONALIZACION CAUCHOS KAREY 2017. Leer la noticia completa.


In collaboration with IVACE and UE FEDER, Cauchos Karey has developed the project of an Advanced System for the Productive Process that allows the digital management of information in productive processes, being a key factor to get a better choice of decisions and improvement actions, which will achieve our clients satisfaction. Read more.

02/2017 — Internationalization Plan 2016 - ERDF and IVACE

The collaboration of the UE and IVACE with FEDER to carry out our plan of internationalization during the year 2016, has allowed us to promote our external image, improving our positioning in several sectors at international level.

05/2016 — Equilibrium, the Cauchos Karey new brand

Equilibrium is on the road. The new Cauchos Karey brand, focused on design and production of training surfaces; mats and multi-purpose flooring, for indoor and outdoor use, adapted to an endless number of activities, from relaxing yoga to explosive CrossFit.

Last April was our debut in FIBO fair, Cologne where we will be exhibiting every year and featuring the last news in our technical product. If you want to know more, please visit our website.


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03/2016 — New dates and place for Lineapelle

Lineapelle fair is one of the most important events of the season. It represents a new sight of style, as well as a guide for everyone working on show components and shoe manufacturing and designing. Placed in Milan, Cauchos Karey has more than 15 years’ experience exhibiting on its spring/summer – autumn/winter editions. We are pleased to invite you to join us in our stand located on Hall 24, M27-M29. We hope to be able to surprise you with our new trends on materials, offering our particular point of view over style and design.


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09/2014 — Cauchos Karey participating in GREENZO project

This project is funded by the European Commission through the instrument LIFE13 ENV/ES/000173, it is coordinated by AIJU and has the participation of ITQ-CSIC, Worteurope and Cauchos Karey. The project GREENZO’s main objective is the development and testing on the pre-industrial scale of a pilot plant that will allow to obtain Zinc oxide from non-ferrous metal waste like Zamak. If you want to know more about, you can visit the site of the project here

09/2012 — Bio-M System. The ultimate animal flooring system

Introducing Bio-M System, a flooring system for livestock inspired by Biomimetics — the science that studies nature and applies the results in order to develop new technologies and solve the problems that arise in our environment. The result is an integrated system that can be installed in a very innovative, convenient and simple way. Using various component parts made from different polymers and elastomers produced using state-of-the-art injection and curing techniques, animals can be provided with the comfort, hygiene and thermal insulation that is essential for improving their daily wellbeing on the farm, while increasing their productivity.

To know more about the product, click here.

07/2013 — Cauchos Karey at Livestock Event Birmingham 2013

Cauchos Karey takes part in different international exhibitions dedicated to animal husbandry. Besides exhibiting at Eurotier where we are a already experienced exhibitors, this July we have participated on Livestock Event 2013 in Birmingham UK. A unique place to find out our latest products developed for this industry. To find our more information about the event, click here.

05/2013 — New sample catalogues for Shoe-Repair

The new sample catalogues are now available with specific materials for the shoe repair industry. A catalogue with all the Karey products , including EVA and RUBBER materials. Samples of different mixtures, hardnesses, thicknesses and colors, specially designed to be used in shoe constructions and soles within the footwear industry and its repairing.


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04/2013 — Gomlight. New material for shoe outsoles

Cauchos Karey presents its new product Gomlight. This expanded rubber sheet is mainly used on the production of lady’s shoe outsoles. A light weight material with a strong wear resistance, that adds elegance and design to the shoe outsole thanks to its fine finish. Furthermore, we combine a wide variety of seasonal and trendy colors.


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04/2013 — Cauchos Karey at Lineapelle Bologna. Spring/Summer 2013/2014

Lineapelle fair is one of the most important events of the season. It represents a new sight of style, as well as a guide for everyone working on show components and shoe manufacturing and designing. That is why Cauchos Karey has more than 15 years’ experience exhibiting on its spring/summer – autumn/winter editions. We are pleased to invite you to join us in our stand located on Hall 29, F55/57. We hope to be able to surprise you with our new trends on materials, offering our particular point of view over style and design.


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11/2012 — Cauchos Karey at Eurotier

Every two years, Cauchos Karey takes part of the International Exhibition Eurotier in Hannover Germany. This important event is dedicated to animal cattle and husbandry, being a unique place where sharing our last product developments for animal comfort. Press here to find more information.


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03/2011- Cauchos Karey at FIMA Ganadera. Zaragoza, Spain

For the first time, Cauchos Karey atended as exhibitor at the International Fair FIMA Ganadera in Zaragoza 15-18 March. This time we have approached our local market presenting our products on our stand at Hall 5, Nr.16.


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03/2010 — Cauchos Karey at Intertraffic. Amsterdam

Intertraffic, the world most important fair for road safety and traffic management, takes place in Amsterdam every two years receiving more than 700 exhibitors from almost 40 different nationalities. Cauchos Karey presented on 2010 edition its flexible bollards H50 and H75 made of EVA copolymer reticulated foam.


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2005/2009 — Cauchos Karey meets Universidad Jaume I Castellon. Spain

Since 2005, Cauchos Karey collaborates with The University Jaume I in Castellon, particularly with the Engineering and Industrial Design Department. Accordingly to its R+D+I policy, Cauchos Karey keeps investigating for new applications for its materials. That is why contributes within the subject New Materials offering its EVA for experimentation. Lately, a selections of the best projects is shown at the Salon Nude on the International exhibition Habitat Valencia Fair.


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Cauchos Karey + Muuu School

For more than 2 years, Cauchos Karey and the Muuu collective have joined forces to put on the Escola Muuu, a summer event in which designers, graphic and not so graphic, join forces with the intention of having a good time listening to theories about communication, attending conferences by leading lights such as Mariscal, Isidro Ferrer, Mario Estrenazi and Enric Jardí, bathing in the pool and drinking daiquiris in the mountains of, to take last year as an example, Cornellana in the Cadí mountains of Lerida. The very place where Cauchos Karey was charged with making some blown-up letters which in theory were destined for a conceptual workshop about typography but which many just had a great time playing around with…


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How to get in touch with us

Ctra. San Vicente del Raspeig - Agost, km. 8
03698 Agost, Alicante, Spain
T (+34) 96 569 13 35
F (+34) 96 569 19 13

COORDINATES GPS 38.421028,-0.6098
LATITUDE: 38° 25' 15.7002
LONGITUDE: 0° 36' 35.28


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What we do
in Footwear Outsoles

EVA sheeting is mainly used as a material in itself or can be combined with other materials to create outsoles and midsoles in shoe manufacturing. Our products include sheets, wedges and other EVA components with differing mixtures, hardness, designs, finishes, thickness, dimensions and colours.

We also offer rubber sheets in varying mixtures, hardness, designs, thickness and colours.

What we do
in Footwear Insoles

EVA is the ideal raw material for insole manufacturing, thanks to the fact that it can be produced using different mixtures and degrees of foaming. Transformed by die cutting or thermomolding process, insoles are manufactured only with EVA or combined with other materials.

We manufacture either in sheets or rolls (joining together sheet to sheet), giving our customers the possibility to work with continuous rolls. All our materials are available in different thicknesses and dimensions, even with breathable designs, in a wide range of colours and mixtures.

What we do
in Orthopedics

The orthopaedic industry requires technical and mouldable materials that can be applied to their different manufacturing processes when constructing orthoses or orthopaedic shoes. EVA adapts perfectly as the raw materials for developing these products, as it is a light, resistant material that can be shaped and customised to fulfil the needs of each clinic or orthopaedic aids supplier.

We manufacture EVA with high-memory mixtures and low density for the production of moulded insoles, manufactured by vacuum, thermomolding or milling (CAD/CAM). Our products can be treated with special Sanitized® antimicrobial treatments, conductive and anti-dust additives, incorporating natural cork dust and in multi-colour, marble or swirl color effects. Recent success in developing products for this industry has led us to develop special mixtures, incorporating new polymers with new product specifications. We also manufacture multi-layer sheets 0by vulcanisation (without the use of adhesives), offering our clients advantages and possibilities that were previously unheard of in this industry.

What we do
in Sports

EVA is a highly versatile material, a property that allows it to be used in the production of an infinite range of sports products; water sport pads (surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing...), handlebar tapes and grips for cycling, boom covers for windsurfing and kitesurfing, seat padding (cycling, kayaking...), paddle tennis racquet fillings, sports equipment protection (motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding, horseriding...), as well as other inserts and board fixtures (snowboarding, kitesurfing...).

Produced both in sheets or rolls (sheets joined together) so that it can later be transformed, die cut, milled or moulded. We also manufacture tailor-made semi-finished or finished products to meet any customers' requirements.

What we do
in Industrial Design

EVA is commonly used in the production in different sectors of industry. Our materials are easy to transform, and they can be applied to an infinite array of projects where special specifications and characteristics are required. We offer custom-made sheets or finished products in a variety of hardness, thickness, dimensions and colours, made into different mixtures that can be developed for and adapted to each application.

In the search for new fields of application for our products, Cauchos Karey collaborate with universities, consultancy, engineering bureau and designers to develop new industrial products in which EVA is a fundamental component.

What we do
in Promotional Design

Due to its attractive appearance, appealing colours and light and pleasant texture, EVA is increasingly being seen as a creative, versatile and suitable raw material in a wide range of product design scopes. Examples are packaging for perfumes, watches and glasses, household products, furniture, merchandising, toys, children’s educational materials, publicity displays, etc.

EVA is presented on smooth surfaces with innovative finishes in a wide range of colours, hardnesses and thicknesses which can be easily cut, folded, screen-printed, glued or transformed in any other way necessary to create an attractive, high-quality end product.

What we do
in Animal Flooring

Expanded EVA is used in flooring for animals, either in cubicles on dairy cow farms and horse stalls, our EVA flooring system is considered the most comfortable on the market. Thanks to its structure of micro air cells, EVA is spongy and flexible, providing the animal with unbeatable comfort, insulation and protection.

We offer a wide range of mat profiles, thicknesses, dimensions manufactured in different mixtures that can be adapted to the different types of livestock facilities on the market. Together with our flooring range, we present a complete fixing and installation system for our mats using profiles and spacers, designed specifically to guarantee correct installation and preservation of the system.

For more information we invite you to visit our microsite: (only in spanish)
Karey Animal Flooring

What we do
in Flexible Flooring

Mats and multi-purpose flooring, for indoor and outdoor use, individually adapted to provide the durability, density and resistance necessary for each activity, from relaxing yoga to explosive CrossFit.

If you want to know more about our products, please visit our Equilibrium website.

From Cauchos Karey's Vimeo channel.

What we do
in Traffic Management

In our efforts to diversify and offer new solutions for our materials and products in all areas, Cauchos Karey have developed flexible bollards. This is a simple H50 and H75 model bollard, manufactured using the flexible material cross-linked, foamed EVA. This product has been patented on an international scale, approved under the corresponding regulation UNE-135363, and is highly resistant to impact from vehicles thanks to its flexibility and ability to recover its shape immediately, whilst returning to its vertical position.

Its main use is for road marking on motorways, main roads, roundabouts, city streets, car parks, etc.

For more information we invite you to visit our microsite:
Karey Flexible Bollards (only spanish)

From Cauchos Karey's Vimeo channel.

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